Filmmakers Background

Fleur van der Minne is a young Dutch filmmaker. At the age of 17 she wrote a letter to Hugo van Lawick one of the most prestigious filmmakers of his generation for a job. She was politely declined! This didn’t diminish her determination and just a few years later she was taken under his wing and went to join him in Tanzania as his understudy. She then went to the USA to study directing at the New York Film Academy. She is currently working on various film projects and is based in Amsterdam.

David Dickie was born in Scotland. After leaving film school in London he spent over twenty years in the film industry. For twelve years he worked for Partridge Films, a major producer of natural history films. After Partridge Films he became an independent and has worked on many award winning films for a variety of broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic and Discovery. These award winning films include "Beyond the Clouds" directed by Phil Agland.

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