Dolphin Dreams 

"This film is a triumph for those of us who care"  Phil Agland-filmmaker.

How do you mend something that's broken? How do you fix a broken mind? Nine year-old Jamie would give all his toys away so that his seven year-old sister Tilly could say his name. A few words for Tilly would be a miracle for her family. For Debbs, mother to eleven year-old Reece, the word "mum" would change her life, while his step dad Pete would see it as a confirmation of all the love he already feels. And for Noosh, Tilly's grandfather, a "yes" would mean he can relax about her future.

Global Development Delay affects one in two hundred children, but it's a secret story - an unspoken world of joy and sadness that we could walk by without noticing. But after three years of living with Tilly, Reece and their families, filmmakers David Dickie and Fleur Van Der Minne have created a warm and natural insight, an experience of life among two very different families learning to cope with the same syndrome.

But Dolphin Dreams is also about a real journey: Tilly and Reece are both destined to swim with wild dolphins. Expectations are sensible, but with much scientific evidence to suggest that dolphins can stimulate a healing process, it's inevitable that everyone's dreams for Tilly and Reece feel stronger than ever.

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